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Traffic Law Amendments Allow for On-the-spot Fines

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On November 30, 2018, a new set of out-of-court fines in relation to traffic offenses were passed by an overwhelming majority by the House of Representatives were published in the official gazette of the Republic of Cyprus, putting them into effect.

The changes pertain to the Out of Court Fines law 1997 – 2017 as amended by law 135(I)/2018. The amendments have been made to reflect current trends - the high number of traffic incidents the island has; the increase in cyclists on the island (and the creation of designated cycle lanes); the increased number of pedestrian lanes and crossings that have been created, and the issue of traffic violations that are going undeterred. The focus is on cyclists and pedestrians correctly using their allocated markings without encroaching of those of motorists, and also the way that motorists drive, taking into account the rights and safety of cyclists and pedestrians.

Through the issue of out-of-court fines for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike, the Cyprus Police Traffic Department are granted more power and authority, thus providing a swifter recourse for traffic violations that will not bog down the courts.

The table of fines (one for motorists and one for cyclists and pedestrians) can be found in the gazette announcement here, and in brief will allow for fines of €30, €50 and €85 for set offenses including: violating traffic signals; motorists encroaching on cycle and pedestrian paths; motorists cutting up cyclists; pedestrians not crossing at their designated points; riding certain bicycles without the correct license; dragging animals along with a bicycle; carrying a passenger on the back of a bicycle, and other violations.