Antonis Frangos has attended the 40 hour seminar on mediation in Commercial and Civil Matters organised by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry as per law No. 259(I) of 2012.

Antonis Frangos completed the 40 hour seminar in success spanning over two weekends on a full time basis.

Mrs Niki Mavrocordatou, Andros Karayiannis and Marios Onisiforou were the coordinators and lecturers of the seminar.

Both theory and practise was put into effect for a fuller understanding of the procedure of mediation  on opening statements, the mediation agreement, position and needs of the parties, agenda creation, brainstorming  and the execution clause of the agreement to name a few. Emphasis was also placed on communication skills, body language and standpoints.

Mediators in commercial matters are expected to be selected for the out of court restructurings of Non-Performing Loans prior to initiating any form of litigation by either the Banking Institution or the Borrower.  Seminars of the Central bank of Cyprus are expected to be announced, while the process on NPLs is expected to commence around November 2014.