Antonis Frangos LLC is a lawyers’ company established and operating in Cyprus, involved in the provision of legal services. Court litigation and representation, out of court consultation/services and legal opinions are broadly the categories through which our services branch out.

For a basic understanding of a particular area of law that is of interest, please visit our Services Page. We are registered with the Cyprus Bar Association and practice law according to legislation and the Lawyers’ Code of Conduct.

We try to meet client expectations and be transparent throughout the legal process. Our objective is to provide resolution of the matter as quickly as possible whenever this is down to our own initiative. The client is informed in advance of the costs of the legal work and an engagement letter is usually encouraged.

Antonis Frangos LLC is a Lawyer’s Limited Company approved by the Law Office of the Republic of Cyprus and registered with the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. The LLC is regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association.

Individuals with financial burden and instability are encouraged to enroll with the national legal aid on their legal matter or dispute as envisaged by legislation, a registered lawyer thereby appointed to care for their case and provide court representation. Costs and legal fees are settled by the state.  The local social welfare department of the Republic will be able to help ascertain the financial, marital, family and other related issues of the applicant, and a relevant report drawn to this objective. Pro bono work of the LLC further includes cases which involve personal injury and wrongful dismissal. 

Client matters are approached strategically, with a theory in mind that is shaped from the available evidence. Efforts are coordinated and the necessary expertise is compiled in an effort to ensure efficient management, problem scenarios acknowledged in advance and solutions formulated. 

Diversity is important to us as we benefit from the talent and perspectives from all those who can contribute in implementing our work ethics and aspirations in our diverse society of different ethnicity, race, religion or financial background. Fostering ethics, trust and teamwork is placed high on our agenda. The aspirations are to promote fairness and equality of opportunity we envision for our country and international relations.