Individuals and legally established organisations have the constitutional right to submit for judicial review, at the exclusive jurisdiction of the Administrative Court in Cyprus, a petition to annul an act or omission of an administrative authority that has affected prejudicially their legitimate interests.

The right is derived as of Article 146 of the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus.

The Administrative Court will review the administrative act or omission in order to ascertain a clear statutory legitimacy of discretion to the extend permissible, so that the public organ will have used such discretionary power after considering the factual background, justifying a reasonable decision with no misconception, thereby rendering the administrative decision reasoned on the merits.

There must have been no violation of any principles of natural justice, of equality or of good governance.  The court normally  reviews whether the public organ has abused its discretionary powers or acted ultra vires or in an illegal manner.

Judgments of the Administrative Court can be appealed to the Supreme Court, on points of law only.