Real Estate

Immovable property law deals with issues such as the content, the acquisition, the exercise, the transfer and the loss of ownership and other rights in rem in relation to real estate.

In contrast to an in personam right, which is a personal right attached to a specific person, such as a contract right or a tort right enforceable against a certain defendant, rights in rem are property rights enforceable against the entire world.

There are numerous issues that can arise in relation to immovable property, and these may include the way land is divided, the right to an easement, which is a right in rem over neighboring land, administration and disposal of state land, registration of immovable property, registration of leases, trusts or restrictive covenants, property valuation, specific performance in relation to the transfer of ownership, mortgage registration, public auctions, registration of charges such as memos or any injunction or bankruptcy order, issues of compulsory appropriation of private land by the state, and lastly but equally important are rights and responsibilities attached to an apartment building or a group of houses that belong to the same complex or bloc.