Cyprus has passed a new law – the Registration and Regulation of Sworn Translator Services Law 45 (I)/2019 – that regulates official translations with effect from July 01, 2019.

The new law nullifies the previous system whereby documents were translated by the Cyprus Press and Information Office (PIO) via expert freelance translators under contractual agreements. Under the new law, all individuals or public institutions requiring officially translated documents and related certifications must refer directly to the certified translators registered with the Register of Sworn Translators of the Council of Sworn Translators (the Register).

Certified translators must be a citizen of the Republic or an EEA member state and habitually reside in Cyprus, or are a spouse of such a citizen; speak Greek or Turkish well; fulfil the required educational qualifications; pass the relevant examination, and have a clean criminal record.

A copy of the Registry of Sworn Translators will be published annually in the official Gazette of the Republic and the PIO website.

The enactment of the new law will create a cohesive legal framework for cases where translations by a certified or sworn translator are mandatory, such as for official use and the administration of justice.